ˈpərs(ə)nəˌlīz/ . verb: personalise

  1. design or produce (something) to meet someone's individual requirements.

Proforma is very pleased to announce our new program for personalized items for TRIO. For these items orders can be as few as ONE item. And these items can be personalized with individual names, graduations dates, program names, really anything. Want to print an item for each person in your program, great, it can easily be done.

If you are doing large orders of multiple names or items, please contact Our office will need an excel spreadsheet sent of all names. Also YOUR PRICING on LARGE ORDERS, ALL SHIPPING TO SAME LOCATION will be SIGNIFICANTLY LESS per unit. Please contact to discuss any order over 12 names or items.

And please check back, as we are planning to add more items to this program throughout 2018.